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Black Olives Paste 1 kg

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Tapenade is an important ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine, one of the healthiest, if not the healthiest, cuisines in the world.


       Olives are the basis of a healthy human diet. An important property of olives is their ability to induce a feeling of satiety, which makes them a healthy alternative to quick snacks. They contain provitamin A, i.e. the vitamin of youth, which has a great effect on the condition of hair, skin and nails, as well as on visual acuity. In addition, they contain vitamins B, C, E, which are essential in the fight against free radicals.

 Tapenade is an accumulation of pro-health properties of olives. It is expressive, aromatic and has a great influence on the condition of our body. It works well as a marinade for meat and fish, on a cheese board it is a perfect complement, and tapenade-based pastas are a feast for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. It tastes great as a paste for baked baguettes or crispy bread. This combination can be enriched with fresh or dried tomatoes - in this form it will be a perfect appetizer or a light Mediterranean dinner.




The Ellis-Farm red tapenade is made of Kalamata olives, from the family's olive grove that has been grown for six generations in Crete in the Agia Varvara region near Heraklion. The fruits are hand picked and prepared according to a traditional family recipe. The perfect combination of ingredients and centuries-old tradition, passion and experience guarantee a unique taste experience. The red Ellis-Farm tapenade is a great taste in itself, without any artificial additives or preservatives - it is enough to skillfully use what nature offers. 100% natural product - Ellis Farm does not improve nature. 

Composition: Kalamon black olivesbalsamic vinegarGarlicoreganosavoryextra virgin olive oil. 

Store at room temperature, refrigerate after opening.

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