Why Meraklis?

              In Greece, Meraklis (μερακλής) talk about people who are passionate, put their whole heart into what they do and make them happy. Traveling around Greece, we were looking for places and people where you can learn about the traditions and experience how to live differently ... more truly - have time to devote yourself to what gives pleasure, time to notice another person. Greece abounds in olive groves, where you can taste ripe olives, aromatic oils and cheeses with a glass of wine and enjoy the time that has slowed down for us ...

 The kindness of people and long evening conversations accompanied by the ubiquitous cicadas - these are memories that we often come back to and want to experience again.

 Nowadays, being a Meraklis is a challenge. On the one hand, there are trends on "being healthy", we all talk about the fact that we are destroying the planet and we have to slow down, on the other hand, there is still a belief that everyone deserves a lot, cheaply and healthy. It is often impossible to combine these expectations. The rush for money masks values ​​and declarations often turn out to be just empty slogans.

 We take up this challenge so that "Meraklis" is a value in itself, we offer health and nature without unnecessary additives, we want to promote in Poland the principles that we talked about at dinner with a native Cretan - he is 100% Meraklis and he instilled a passion in us to these tastes and aromas.



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Ellis-Farm olives taste that unites skeptics and connoisseurs. 


       Traveling through the Mediterranean countries has long become part of our lives, and a holiday trip among olive groves stretching to the horizon, where you can taste local delicacies in small local farms is an adventure that always leaves great memories.


         We later try to recreate many of these flavors in our kitchen by diversifying our daily meals. In order to recall the memories of holidays spent in the Mediterranean as often as possible, it is worth reaching for these culinary gems and experimenting with olives not only as a variety to salads, appetizers or pizza, but as the main ingredient of many dishes. They blend in with meat dishes, go well with fish, seafood, spaghetti and all types of macron sauces. A cheese board without olives does not taste the same, and a glass of martini should be decorated with juicy - green olives. These small fruits give us unlimited culinary possibilities, but most of all they have a beneficial effect on our health. They enrich our taste preferences and provide our body with healthy calories.



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