Green Olives with chilli 250g  (1)

Green Olives with chilli 250g

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      Olives are an important ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, one of the healthiest, if not the                                                           healthiest, cuisines in the world.


Phytonutrients contained in olives act as antioxidants, protecting the body against the effects of the so-called oxidative stress. "Oxidative stress" is a situation in which our cells are not sufficiently protected against oxidative damage and can often be related to an insufficient supply of nutrients. One of the best antioxidants you can find in olives is oleuropein. It is found in fruits and has a very comprehensive effect on the body:

-reduces the oxidation of LDL cholesterol,

-supports the removal of nitric oxide,which is a reactive oxygen-containing molecule,

-lowers markers of oxidative stress,supports the protection of nerve cells against damage.

The first olive groves were created in Greece over 3500 years BC. Olives were the basis of the diet, an ingredient of religious rituals, a raw material for the production of cosmetics, and their twigs were a symbol of victory and fertility. Ellis Farm's green olives with chilli pepper come from the family's olive grove that has been cultivated for six generations in Crete in the Agia Varvara region near Heraklion. They are hand picked and marinated according to a traditional family recipe. The perfect combination of ingredients and centuries-old tradition, passion and experience guarantee a unique taste experience.

 Not too salty, not too bitter - prepared to the point - real spicy players. 

100% natural product - Ellis Farm does not improve nature. 

Composition: green olives with pittedwatersea ​​saltchilli pepper. 

Store at room temperature, refrigerate after opening.

 Olives - "the fruit of longevity" - scientists argue that eating seven pieces of fruit every day with the addition of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and a little goat cheese will ensure health and excellent condition of the body.



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