Eliama Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,5 L (1)

Eliama Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,5 L

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   The highest quality EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) is characterized by a pleasant bitter-spicy taste, which proves the high content of phenolic compounds. The taste is clearly noticeable, the smell of leaves or freshly cut grass permeates.   

Eliama Daily Value - delicious premium olive oil, twice awarded with a gold medal at the London International Olive Oil Quality Competition 2017 and 2018. In 2019 and 2020, it was ranked second, winning the silver medal. It has beaten more than 150 EVOO producers from all over the world. She made her debut at Global Olive Oil Awords - Berlin 2020, winning a silver medal. 




Eliama Daily Value Oil perfectly balances between mildness and spiciness, sending us on an aromatic and taste journey through a complex bouquet of pleasant sensations, giving us time to reflect on the combination of sharpness and subtlety. The taste of the oil is due to the polyphenol content, hydroxytyrosol determines the level of bitterness, while the burning effect at the throat is due to oleocanthal. The complexity of the taste, over which the master sommelier Vassilis Leonidou himself - the award-winning EVOO chef and gourmet - perfectly defines its scientifically developed sensory profile.

The perfection of the taste of Eliama oil is a component of many factors. For its production, olives from the most valued species of olive trees, the Koroneiki variety, grown in Crete in the Agia Varvara region near Heraklion, are harvested. The production process is based on the principles of ecologically sustainable agriculture. Harvesting is done entirely by hand, and one liter of olive oil consists of 8 kg of medium-early harvest olives weighing no more than 1 gram. Eliama Premium is cold pressed within 6 hours from the fruit harvest to specially certified containers. After pressing, the oil is stored at a temperature of 12-15 degrees Celsius in stainless steel tanks, additionally filled with nitrogen to prevent oxidation. Thanks to the knowledge, experience and commitment put into the production process, Eliama can pride itself on outstanding quality, sensory and health values.


Eliama EVOO is a premium product - tested for over 150 substances in terms of purity from pesticides, herbicides and plasticizers, which is confirmed by annual certificates issued by: Multichrom.LAB - an expert in the field of quality control and sensory evaluation of olive oil.

 The quality of the oil determines the acidity - the maximum level of acidity for Extra Virgin Olives must not exceed 0.8- Requirements of the European Standard for EVOO 

Eliama Daily Value is a premium olive oil with an acidity of <0.3, which puts it at the forefront of the most valuable EVOO oils in the world. It contains over 200 different chemicals including sterols, carotenoids, triterpene alcohols and phenolic compounds. Oleuropein, oleacein, hydroxytyrosol - the main phenolic compounds act as direct free radical scavengers. The richness of minerals phosphorus, potassium, vitamin D, provitamin A have antiatherosclerotic properties and protect the nervous system. Tocopherols with a confirmed content of 336.7 mg / kg delay the aging processes, neutralize free radicals, have an invaluable effect on the development of the fetus in the womb. oil, and the correct ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega 3 to omega 6. The right proportions of these fats in olive oil have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, protecting against coronary artery disease. 

  A 100% natural product - Eliama Daily Value is a liquid treasure of the Cretans.    

 Store at room temperature in a dry and dark place.

 There is life energy in the oil - the wisdom of the Ancient Greeks rediscovers modern science, recognizing the EVOO oil as an effective weapon in the fight against civilization diseases.  

 Documentation / laboratory tests are available in the Download tab 




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